David is highly driven and hardworking, striving to become one of the best agents in the City of Knox.

David values integrity and transparency in everything he does. Starting early in his career in this industry, David chose this field because of his desire to want to help as many people as he can which gives him a sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction. David without doubt is an extremely dedicated and amibitous person who wants to create a righteous and prosperous life for himself and with everyone around him. He is very motivated, down to earth, and soaking up all of the vast learning opportunities everyday in his new chosen field.

David’s vision for his real estate journey is more than just a transaction. The standard he holds to himself for every client he works with is to always to give his best for his clients ; both ethically and honestly. To David, real estate is more than a business. He places a high level on ongoing connections and relationships founded on trust.

David will go above and beyond where he will happily stay back and work the extra hours for everyone of his clients. He will ensure to get the best possible outcome for his clients

In his free time, David appreciates simple pleasures such as spending time with family and friends, caring cruising, and eating out. He also enjoys basketball, reading books, and the City's social nightlife.