About Samantha

Born in Australia and grew up in Malaysia and returned to Melbourne about 15 years ago. Samantha can understand the different cultural needs and provide quality customer service to our clients in multilingual - English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Bahasa. She is always positive and optimistic, aim to meet and exceed our customer expectations. She graduated from Deakin University with a double degree – Bachelor of Arts (major in Mass Communication) / Bachelor of Commerce (major in Marketing with Distinction) which helps her creativity and critical problem solving in her career.

Samantha has been working in the Real Estate Property Management Industry for over a decade in Victoria. She has lived and breath in most of the Eastern Suburbs and Melbourne CBD. Given the vast experiences in managing properties in Melbourne as a Property Management Leader, your property will always be well looked after as our own property at Bellman. Lucky to be given the opportunity to be a tenant as well as an owner herself, firsthand to understand our clients’ concern and the importance for a place called home as well as a valuable investment to them.

She enjoys spending quality time with friends and family on the weekend with a glass of red or two, going into the nature for some fresh air for hiking or running. Morning outdoor gym has become a great discovery for Samantha since lockdown, even works better than being indoor in the gym! She also enjoys reading books for self-development and believe that we all never stop learning. Travelling for life experiences is on her list. Her side passion is to motivate others to achieve their goals and staying healthy. “If your Nerve deny you, go beyond your Nerve! – Emily Dickson”